The Babies Room

0 to 2 years of age

Our baby room has a calm and homely feel, deliberately designed to feel intimate and safe to help your precious baby settle quickly into nursery life. The room has a light colourful flow and is designed to be a stimulating environment for the babies, allowing them to interact and explore as they develop.

For younger non-mobile babies, we have a special area so that they are kept safe and can interact with age-appropriate materials. We have adjacent rooms for sleeping and nappy changing, as well as a little den where children are read to enjoy some quiet time.

We often enjoy time in our beautiful garden, or when we take the babies out for walks in the community.

The Two's Room

2 to 3 years of age

Our two’s room is for our lively two- to three-year-olds. This room has space to allow our more energetic two-year-olds the space to explore and have lots of fun, with space for both active and relaxing activities.

To support their developing minds, we have a craft area where children can build on their creativity by gluing, cutting, and pasting – creating pictures and drawing. The construction area provides a fantastic space for some hands-on design- whether its building with the wooden bricks, Zooplo, or train tracks.

We also however have a reading area for quieter times, where children can grab a book or be read to – and for more messy adventures, our sand and water trays are always firm favourites!

Children are encouraged to develop independence, and we wash our own hands before dinner time and put on our shoes and coats by ourselves.

The "BIG" Room

3 to 5 years of age

The big room is laid out in separate learning and creative zones. These zones contain a wide range of activities and learning opportunities for the children to enjoy and explore, as well as numerous resources such as an arts and crafts area, and both sand and water trays.

One of the most eye-catching features of the big room is the large veranda which forms part of the classroom, which adds to the homely, cosy feeling that we aim to foster at Toy Box.

Whether it is cooking with our imaginations in the home corner, or reading a book on our comfy little sofa, children are encouraged to develop their independence and learn to work together, looking out for one another in a safe and friendly environment.

In the Big room we have what we call the “curiosity cube” – where an item of interest is kept in a Perspex box so children can see but not touch. Often children will bring something in from home that we can put in the curiosity cube, which allows us to use our imaginations to work out what it might be or be used for.

Our after-school club is also situated in the Big Room.