Learning is FUN!

One of our main aims is to ensure that by the time your child leaves our Pre-school, they will have received the best possible early year’s education and are ready to excel at primary school. .

Many studies have shown the importance of the zero to two years, where life experiences play a fundamental role in the “hard-wiring” of the brain, laying the foundation for all intellectual and emotional development to follow.

We build learning and education into everything we do. But not stuffy bookwork, sat at desks and listening to the teacher. Our education is fun, investigative, exploratory, and exciting. We aim to inspire children and build a lifelong love of learning.

We love to learn about the world around us, and we celebrate and learn about days such as mother’s day, world book day, and pancake day. We also learn about many religious holidays such as Diwali or Ede, and also many historical days such as VE day.

Our philosophy of learning through play ensures that children are engaged and positive in their educational journey. We want learning to be joyful and exciting – to instil a love of learning which will last a lifetime and lay a solid foundation for the next stage in their life.