Happy Children

Children love adventures. They love new challenges, trying new things, making new friends, learning new skills and receiving positive feedback from all our staff.

The team at Toybox never stands still because we know that the children won’t – literally.

Therefore, we are continually developing our activities to keep your child on their toes, physically and mentally – as they keep us on ours! We love playing games like hopscotch, football, and what time is it Mr. Wolf, or being creative with the giant construction blocks.

Children love to play in our beautiful garden, whether it is in the digging pit, or on our bikes and scooters. One of our favourite things to do is use our imagination to create pretend food in our mud kitchen, where staff help the children to use the safe kitchen utensils to sculpt the mud versions of our favourite foods!

However, children also love quiet time. Reading a new book or having it read to them while they look at the pictures in one of the cosy reading areas that we have in every one of our rooms. Children love dressing up and being a prince or a princess. Building castles and having a wonderful adventure all of their own.

We believe in stimulating a child’s interests by introducing new topics on a weekly basis, and to do this, we have creative practitioners, fantastic facilities packed full of toys and equipment, and plenty of space to play, inside and out – to ensure every day is a fun-filled adventure.